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Back to his do-wopper life: Marc

Marc, 62, a prolific musician who played lead guitar for the 60’s group The Front Porch, lost his career and almost his life when treatment for recurring bladder cancer a year ago left him too weak to stand and with no dexterity in his fingers. Unable to shop or cook, Marc resorted to eating very little other than ice cream, which brought his weight up to unhealthy levels and compromised his chances of getting better. However, in January of this year, his therapist went online to find support programs that could help him and found God’s Love We Deliver. In only one phone call, Marc’s eligibility for home-delivered meals and nutrition counseling was confirmed, and he started receiving meals that have completely reversed his decline.

Marc said, “I never realized how important nutrition was. I didn’t understand just how much a part of the bigger picture diet plays in recovery and prevention of illness. Without the meals from God’s Love We Deliver, I am not sure I would have made it.” The program has been an enormous help to Marc. He has been cancer-free for eleven months now and is becoming ever stronger  – even to the point of getting out and visiting our Spring Street headquarters.

Marc looks and acts much more like his old do-wopper self, although with a little less hair. “Before I was accepted into your incredible program, I had stopped eating real food…and that caused health problems that I’m still paying for. After getting my very first meal from God’s Love, I started feeling better both mentally and physically. I now include God’s Love We Deliver as an equal part of the team that has saved my life and allowed me to continue my recovery. Everything is really looking up for me.”

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