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Client Spotlight: Rocco

Our client Rocco is a WWII veteran and hero. He recently celebrated his 92nd birthday. Born and raised on the west side of Manhattan, Rocco spent his youth in Hell’s Kitchen where he was active with the Children’s Aid Society and the Boys and Girls Club. He loved to play basketball and baseball.

During WWII, Rocco fought throughout Europe with his unit of 219 soldiers. He returned home at age 20, one of only two men in his unit who had not been killed, wounded, or captured. Back in New York, Rocco began a career working for the Pennsylvania Railroad and then Amtrak.

Several years ago, Rocco was diagnosed with diabetes and peripheral artery disease. He has had twenty different operations on his legs, back, and toes. The pain makes walking and standing extremely difficult. Rocco walks with a cane, but just barely. Because walking or standing for an extended period of time is impossible, shopping or cooking is out of the question. Upon seeing the rapid deterioration of Rocco’s health, a senior citizens organization referred him to our program.

Since receiving our food, Rocco has seen tremendous improvement in his health and quality of life. He tells us,

“I don’t know what I would do without God’s Love. They give you the proper diet. It’s just terrific.”

Thank you for helping us cook and deliver nutritious, individually tailored meals to seniors and veterans like Rocco, and all of our clients of every age living with illness.

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