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Client Spotlight: Sally and Jacquline

Sally Levy has lived in Pelham Parkway in the Bronx for nearly 70 years.Today she is 102 years old. She was born in Paris and fled to New York in 1939 when Germany invaded France during World War II. Despite the turmoil of her younger years, Sally has lived a long and fruitful life.

After her arrival, Sally worked as a seamstress for a few years, as she hadn’t had much formal schooling in Paris, growing up during the war. Sally worked hard to learn English and, after a few years met her husband. The two settled in the Bronx and had one child, Jacqueline, their pride and joy.After high school and some college, Jacqueline began work as a model. She would also do secretarial and reception work and work in real estate.

Growing old is not unusual for anyone in Sally’s family and neither are neurological disorders. Sally’s brother died at 99 of Alzheimer’s Disease and Sally, today, lives with dementia. Her daughter Jacqueline, who is now 70 years old, is her senior caretaker. In recent years, Sally’s condition has become frightening for both her and Jacqueline.There were times when Sally would start to cook a meal on the stove, then walk away, forgetting that she had been cooking.

In 2011, Jacqueline was referred to God’s Love We Deliver. Jacqueline was so relieved to find out that both she and her mother qualified for meals from God’s Love. Both women need the nutritious, home-delivered meals we
provide. After all, our meals offer the nourishment that our clients’ illnesses and treatments so urgently require. And, these meals are also a critical source of comfort for families.

Because of the support of so many, God’s Love is able to bring nutrition, warmth and compassion to someone in great need. Life is now easier for Jacqueline and Sally. We’re so glad that we can be there for Jacqueline and her mother at this time when they need our services.

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