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Client Spotlight: Viola

Since the age of seven, Viola Davis has been caring for her family. She has fond memories of having to use a chair to help her stand over the stove to cook dinner for her loved ones, which included her ten siblings. In the 1950s she moved from North Carolina to Brooklyn with her husband and five children. To help provide for her family, she worked as a salesperson in a shoe store. For many years, Viola worked hard to provide for her family; she took great pride in having the ability to support them.

Today, at 84 years old, Viola is not as strong as she used to be. These days, it’s hard for her to get the strength to walk. Last year, Viola was diagnosed with breast cancer. Almost immediately she began chemotherapy treatments at the local hospital, which left her weakened and exhausted. Each chemotherapy session lasted two to three hours, and in the days after, Viola could barely get out of bed she was so tired.

A social worker at the hospital suggested that Viola call God’s Love to get healthy, delicious meals delivered right to her door, so she wouldn’t have to worry about cooking or shopping. Viola called and began receiving her deliveries three times a week.

Viola depends on her son and grandson to help her around the house and take her to doctor appointments. She tells us what a relief it is to receive meals from God’s Love and how much she appreciates the appetizing food. She says, “The nutritionists are so nice and they make sure I am getting the right food!” One of the after – effects of chemotherapy treatment is a loss in appetite, and Viola tells us that the vegetables, chicken, beans, rice and more are delicious, and she is excited to eat the food she receives each day.

In addition to living with breast cancer, Viola also has diabetes. Managing the two illnesses can be very difficult, and she has to be very careful with what she eats. She is grateful to have our nutritionists to help her deal with the dual diagnoses. Viola tells us, “It would be so hard without God’s Love. You have helped me out a lot. It makes me feel good that someone is in my corner, willing to lend a hand.”

Now that Viola rarely leaves the house, she appreciates the visits she gets from her delivery volunteers. She says,
“When the volunteers come with my delivery, I hug them!”

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