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Client Spotlight: Walter

Walter used to spend his days walking all over New York City. Before he was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, he held several active jobs – he was a walking tour guide, a stage combat actor and a first aid instructor, to name just a few. In his free time he traveled all over Europe, Brazil, and China. The world was his, and he could do whatever he wanted, whenever he wanted.

Five years ago, at 40 years old, Walter was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. Walter stopped working in 2012 when he started to have trouble walking. His son Chad was just three years old. Walter started to feel very weak, and his vision worsened. He was constantly fatigued from his illness.

Walter and his family needed help. Without Walter’s income, the family’s finances were devastated. Walter’s increasing symptoms prevented him from shopping or cooking. That was when they decided to call God’s Love. Immediately, Walter and Chad started to receive meals.

“I had been talking to a friend of mine and I was complaining because I had been spending so much money on having groceries delivered to my home,” says Walter. “I couldn’t afford to have groceries delivered to my home and I couldn’t go to the supermarket. The nutrition of the food I eat affects how I feel. My friend recommended God’s Love to me and that’s how I got involved. I felt relief immediately, knowing me and my family were getting such delicious and nutritious food. It’s food; it’s real food.”

Walter had always been a “foodie,” enjoying delicacies from all over the world. With the nutritious meals Walter started to receive from God’s Love, Walter tells us, “The food is helping me take care of myself. Things that I had already known about nutrition, I am now able to apply to my life. That was one of the things that was getting to me. I knew better. What I was eating wasn’t good for me, but I had no other choice. Now I’m able to eat the way I know I need to.”

Not only does Walter appreciate the food he receives from God’s Love, but Chad does too. Walter is so pleased the whole family is eating healthy meals. Walter tells us, “It is a relief. I rely on your food. There is always something healthy to eat from God’s Love.”

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