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Consistency and Care: for Sol and her mother Sol, every meal makes a difference

After having a heart attack, Sol returned home and had to adjust to life with limited mobility. Her daughter and caretaker, Sol, saw firsthand how her once lively mother was barely able to walk from the living room to the bedroom without gasping for air. Her congestive heart failure made it nearly impossible for Sol to prepare her own meals. On top of her new diagnosis, Sol lost her husband of 66 years and lost her appetite amidst her grief.

As her mother’s caretaker, Sol was thrilled when her mother started receiving meals from God’s Love and began eating again. For her mother, the meals are a lifeline and a reminder that she is loved. For Sol, knowing God’s Love will deliver nourishment every week gives her a profound sense of comfort. In her own words:

“It’s a relief because I don’t have to worry about making food for her, but it’s also a relief to know the food she’s receiving is healthy. The deliveries are consistent, and she looks forward to them. We love the soups with whole wheat toast.”

Since starting on the God’s Love program, her medical professionals have been happy to see that Sol is maintaining her weight and has more energy.

No matter what life deals them, both mother and daughter take solace in knowing that with God’s Love, their home will always be filled with nutritious meals, made with love.

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