Please keep going. You help so much.

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Delivering Love to Craig

Our client Craig is 78 years old and lives with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Although he grew up in Minnesota, Craig has lived in the same apartment on the Upper West Side of Manhattan for the past 55 years. Before he got sick he was a passionate singer and cabaret performer who traveled all over the world with his partner of 23 years.

During his time in show business, Craig performed in New York City, Chicago and London, and was on the Board of the Spectrum Theatre. He knew everyone from Julie Andrews to Lauren Bacall to Judy Garland. It was an exciting time, and Craig lived an exciting life. Today, Craig uses a wheelchair and is alone. He takes 32 pills every day to just stay alive. It has been three years since he has been able to leave his apartment, and Craig suspects he might not even recognize his own neighborhood now.

Before God’s Love, Craig was extremely worried about how he would survive on his own. Working in the theater for so long, Craig knew many influential people, but getting sick changed everything. He had never had to ask for help before. Luckily, he had a friend in Joan Rivers who referred him to our program. Craig reached out to God’s Love and immediately began receiving nutritious, home-delivered meals tailored specifically for him and his diagnosis.

“God’s Love has been a big change for me. I love the fresh vegetables! I feel a difference – I feel more energized, like I could conquer the world,” Craig says. He also loves the relationship he has developed with God’s Love delivery driver Jason. Craig does not get many visitors, so seeing Jason twice a week makes a difference.

Craig expressed his gratitude to God’s Love for providing comfort, love, and nutritious meals, and for making his life a little easier: “Please keep going. You help so much.”

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