God’s Love is extremely nurturing... I am so grateful

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Delivering Love to Robin

Our client Robin has led an adventurous life. After growing up in Mill Basin, Brooklyn, she went to beauty school, and later went on to have careers as a legal secretary, owning an electrolysis company, and working at Bergdorf Goodman. She went back to college at age 42, and in her most recent reinvention she worked as a real estate broker, loving every minute of it.

When she wasn’t showing homes and seeing the best real estate that NYC had to offer, Robin spent her time with friends, walking her dogs in Central Park, working out at the gym, and traveling. She found endless inspiration in the City and in New Yorkers. “People are my air,” she says. No two days were the same, which is just the way she likes it.

But then, in 2014, Robin was diagnosed with cancer. Suddenly, her adventurous life came to a halt. All of her energy and focus went into treating her illness and managing countless medical appointments. Robin tells us, “There’s nothing like getting cancer. I went from being a road runner to being exhausted and fragile. And then I found God’s Love.”

Robin heard about God’s Love through a friend who had been on our program. Immediately after she began receiving meals, she noticed a difference in her condition and how she felt. She says, “These meals mean everything to me. I know I have security with this food. I know I have food for the week. Being both ill and with limited income means you don’t have the energy or ability to go out and get food.”

Prior to God’s Love, Robin would eat whatever was easy and affordable. She would send a friend to get pizza, or order local Chinese food. Now she appreciates that God’s Love provides her with greater portion control, less sodium, more vegetables, and more nourishment. In addition to the nutrition that comes with every meal, Robin feels the love. She says “The dietitians are always looking to make sure that I’m eating well. God’s Love is extremely nurturing. In my life, there is no consistency because every day is so crazy from illness. But there is one constant in my life – God’s Love. It’s reassuring. And it’s nourishing. I am so grateful.”

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