Efraim and Nils on their couch, holding their personalized birthday cakes from God's Love We Deliver.

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Double the Celebration, Double the Love: Clients Nils and Efraim Celebrate Life and Love Together

Birthdays are supposed to be celebrations filled with joy and happiness, but for Nils and Efraim, last year’s was met with back-to-back ambulance rides and a lengthy stay for both in the hospital.

Nils grew up in west Los Angeles as the oldest of four brothers in a family of attorneys. After losing his father in 1979 when Nils was a teenager, he ventured to the east coast and has lived in New York City ever since. Here, he met his partner, Efraim, an immigrant from Israel. Nils’s career spanned industries: over the years he designed home furnishing fabrics and furniture and rented and sold properties as a real estate broker. In his free time, he enjoyed taking in the arts. Meanwhile, Efraim lead a successful taxi driving service. All of this changed when Nils lost his ability to work due to illness.

About five years ago, Nils, who has heart disease and diabetes, lost his eyesight due to a previous stroke, leaving him blind and disabled, so now many of his passions such as visiting museums and art shows are no longer an easy thing to do. Nils is mobile via a wheelchair and walker and relies on Efraim as his primary caregiver. After struggling with daily tasks such as preparing meals and unreliable home health aides, they turned for help. Nils’ social worker, Dan, introduced him to the services of God’s Love We Deliver.

Last year, Nils and his partner both had strokes on the same day, Efraim’s birthday, one after another. Efraim was admitted to Mount Sinai for two months, Nils for three, with a pacemaker installed to keep his heart beating regularly. Upon returning home after his stroke, Efraim also turned into a client on God’s Love services after only receiving meals as a caregiver.

After suffering from the most recent stroke, Nils’ weight rose from 174 to 277 lb. “It had gotten to the point where I had gotten out of control,” Nils says. “God’s Love helped us with our weight. It was not feasible for me with no eyesight to order food online, and the fact we don’t have to go out grocery shopping is a big help.”

Since receiving meals from God’s Love, Nils’ weight dropped significantly. “We are no longer eating all the bad things we used to eat before,” Nils says.

“I used to love to cook but can’t see to do so now, and would probably burn down the whole building if I tried now.”

They both appreciate how their meals and the program in general accommodate their specific needs. “I get our deliveries before Shabbat, which is nice,” Efraim says. “Our RDN was able to get us meals with no pork. The food is wholesome and good and nutritious.”

Efraim usually accepts the couple’s deliveries, and said the delivery drivers and volunteers who bring their meals for the week could not be nicer. “They take their jobs seriously, and are always so nice when delivering,” Efraim says.

“What you do for people is unbelievable. I tell all of the people I used to work with about you and they can’t believe it either!”

“Thumbs up on all sides,” Nils says.

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Efraim and Nils pose holding old photographs of when they first met.

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