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“Get with God’s Love” for a Healthy Start

When you’re pregnant, a plethora of worries often arise about your health and that of your not-yet-born child. And finding out that you’ve developed gestational diabetes while pregnant makes this time all the more stressful.

When our client Tyani became pregnant with her second child, she was also delivered concerning news: her gestational diabetes diagnosis at 15 weeks would negatively impact her pregnancy and put her daughter in harm’s way.

Tyani knew that her daughter had a much greater chance of developing diabetes at birth and other health complications due to her gestational diabetes. Tyani blamed herself and didn’t want her daughter dealing with diabetes because of her actions. Tyani realized there was only one thing she could do: focus on improving her health.

Tyani’s doctor referred her to God’s Love We Deliver. Portion control and nutrient intake were two components Tyani struggled with, and over time, she has learned how to navigate healthier eating patterns, incorporated more vegetables into her diet, and continued to lose access weight.

“I wasn’t eating healthy, I wasn’t eating right, until I met God’s Love.”

After receiving meals from God’s Love and speaking with our team of nutritionists, Tyani and her baby girl Jiary are well on their way to a healthy new start.

Hear from Tyani

Client Tyani and her baby Jiary were featured in our fall client story video.

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