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“God’s Love: the name says it all”

Our client Alicia is a force of intelligence, energy and passion. Back when she was in her 30’s, she was working as a theater and lighting designer. But when the financial realities of parenthood set in, she was determined to provide for her family. She enrolled in a pre-med program, then continued on to medical school, and ended up graduating with a specialty in OB/GYN. She achieved her dream of becoming a doctor, but last summer she was diagnosed with a heart condition. As the sole financial provider in her household, this changed everything for Alicia and her family.

She immediately stopped working. In the first months of being ill, Alicia was often too tired in the mornings to get out of bed. She didn’t leave the house alone for fear of fainting. Her career, once so fulfilling, and exhausting, was put on hold. For the first time in her adult life, she had to learn how to start accepting help from others.

Austin, her 11-year-old son, could see a change in his mother, and he became incredibly anxious. “Austin’s a typical NYC kid,” says Alicia. “His first concern was: how are we going to pay the rent?” Austin shared his concern with his science teacher, who fortunately was familiar with God’s Love We Deliver. Within a week the family’s social worker had them signed up to receive medically tailored meals.

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"Austin’s a typical NYC kid. His first concern was 'How are we going to pay the rent?'” - Alicia

Alicia says that when they got their first delivery, she could see anxiety leave her son’s body. After looking at the packed freezer for the first time, Austin sat down on the couch, and said, “Seeing this makes me have hope for humanity—that people do things like this.”

Alicia is a natural caretaker, who loves family, work and food, but when she became ill she says, “I began to have to rely on people around me for more and more things in my life.” Receiving meals from God’s Love has restored a degree of normalcy to their household. Life-altering illness can mean the loss of self-sufficiency, and Alicia says that our meals have restored dignity, independence and empowerment to her routine. She is a self-professed salt-lover, so her sodium-restricted diet was a real challenge. She says that she wouldn’t be following it if it weren’t for the medically tailored meals from Gods Love. She relied on our soups during chemotherapy for comfort and nourishment. Alicia and Austin receive 20 meals a week from God’s Love. When we visited them at home, in between showing us his video games, cuddling their dog Midnight, and showing us his favorite desserts, Austin sat resting his head on his mother’s shoulder and said “God’s Love We Deliver. The name says it all.”

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