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Heidi Lives with Heart Disease but Feels the Love with her God’s Love Meals

Heidi was born in 1927 in Cuba and spent the early years of her career as a dentist. In the early 1960s she came to the United States and became a cytotechnologist, studying cells. Heidi’s diligence in her new career led to her receiving an Honorary Life Membership in the Association for Cytotechnology in 1999. Her talents and passions cannot be contained within the realm of the work place. She is an award-winning artist working in watercolors.

At 91 years old, Heidi remains an indomitable spirit. But several years ago, Heidi developed heart disease. She takes up to 10 medicines each day, and turned to God’s Love for help.

Heidi remains eternally grateful for its presence in her life. She loves our food and the independence our meals provide her. She tells us, “I’m very lucky. I’m very happy. I feel as if I own a restaurant. I can look at the meals and decide which one I want to eat, when I feel like it.”

When asked how it makes her feel to get meals from God’s Love, she said, “Like all my problems are solved. It’s handy, it’s easy, it’s clean, and I can select what I want. I feel like a queen! I am eating in Heidi’s restaurant!”


“I feel the love. I feel like jumping for joy on my delivery day. I know I’ll be cared for. It’s like my life connection. It is exactly what I have to eat. And it’s just what I want.”

With the help of God’s Love, clients like Heidi can go on with the lives they choose to live with the security and nourishment to keep them stronger, healthier, and loved.

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