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How Lynda gained a sense of relief and comfort from God’s Love

Sometimes bad things happen to good people. Like they did to our client Lynda. While job hunting one day in 2010, Lynda spotted an RV in her area driving around to provide free mammograms to people in the neighborhood. Without health insurance, Lynda decided to get the exam. Little did she know that RV-mammogram would change her life. Soon after, she found out she had breast cancer.

Lynda had to make quick decisions on her own for her health: surgery that removed a tumor and lymph nodes on her left breast, was followed by radiation twice a day for five days. After radiation, Lynda started her cancer center journey and began chemotherapy.

While running an errand in 2016, Lynda collapsed in a shopping center. Luckily, two passers-by came to her aid, one of whom called 911. After a two-week hospital stay and many tests, she learned she had stage 4 cancer. Doctors informed her she would have to be on treatment again for the rest of her life, as long as the treatment works. Lynda found herself very sick, financially unsound and feeling all alone. Her parents, her only safety net, had passed away years before. She says: “Every part of my life was hard. Especially financially and emotionally … I was very alone. There I was, thinking that the cancer was over, and now it’s back again, but worse. It was hard to go on.”

Lynda’s cancer is aggressive. An inoperable tumor in her pelvic area is destroying the bones, making it difficult to walk or bend. Lynda now uses a cane to help her get around, and she has to be extremely careful with all movement, so as to not cause any breakage in her right leg.

Thankfully, an employee at New York Connect told Lynda about God’s Love We Deliver and she became a client. Lynda felt right away that God’s Love was an organization that cared deeply about her health and well-being. Lynda now receives nutritious, medically tailored meals delivered to her door, free of charge and full of love. Not only that, but she also has access to unlimited nutrition counseling with our Registered Dietitian Nutritionists and enjoys calls with and counseling from the team.

“I had no other food. It was really nice when I got my first meal delivery from God’s Love, because you feel like someone really cares about you.”

"I had no other food. It was really nice when I got my first meal delivery from God's Love, because you feel like someone really cares about you."

Now that Lynda receives services from God’s Love, a weight has been lifted from her shoulders and life is a little easier. And it’s not just the medically tailored meals, but the extra special touches that remind Lynda that someone cares:

“God’s Love does nice things – on your birthday they give you a cake, and on the holidays they give you a basket with nice treats in it. I love that Thanksgiving meal and wouldn’t be mad if you put more sweet potato mash in it. God’s Love makes me feel good. God’s Love makes you feel that you don’t stand alone. I used to be a very independent person and now I feel I have to rely on people — except that I do not have anyone to call. Even for a simple thing like running an errand. I lost any kind  of quality of life that I did not want to lose! With God’s Love, at least you have somebody.”

“Sometimes I wonder if I’ll be here for my birthday next year? It’s hard to feel like people care when you’re alone and when you’re sick. But I want to say thank you so much. I know that God’ solve We Deliver cares. And they give me hope. I think I would be really lonely without God’s Love. The connection means so much.”

Visit our Nutrition Publications page to download our breast cancer nutrition booklets created by our Registered Dietitian Nutritionists.

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