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Keep the Kale Burgers Coming

Our client Arthur smiled big and told me that receiving meals from God’s Love “Is making a big difference.” Since he was diagnosed with diabetes and experiences neuropathy, feeding himself the healthy foods that he needs has been impossible. But now, with medically tailored meals for lunch and dinner each day, Arthur says,

“I feel better, the food is delicious, wholesome. I like that kale burger, you can’t send enough of those.”

Arthur has seen the world. In the 1960’s he served in the Navy throughout Asia, the Middle East, Vietnam, China, Japan and South Korea. As a jazz saxophonist he also traveled in the U.S. spending time in New Orleans to learn the blues, studying with famous musicians in the Bronx, and traveling with his bands around the country. These travels left Arthur with great stories, but in ’79 he began to get sick on the road. “I used to be thirsty all the time, I lost my energy. I used to be a fighter and I used to be in shape, but then I got sick. I found out I was diabetic.”

Arthur had to stop traveling. He came to NYC because we have “the world’s best medical care.” He says “Oh man, I got pretty sick. The hardest thing is maintaining the right diet. Receiving meals from God’s Love– that’s what’s working. They’re good. They’re very good. And just the right portions.” Arthur struggled to find healthy foods. “I tried to eat fresh, but I had to get what’s on sale, and it wasn’t always what I wanted.” Fortunately, a social worker referred Arthur to God’s Love and he has been receiving our medically tailored meals for the past two years. Arthur speaks regularly with our Registered Dietitian Nutritionists to learn more about the connections between nutrition and wellness.

We’re so proud to serve veterans like Arthur and our clients living with diabetes. 40% of the people on our program have diabetes. We remind everyone how important it is to follow a medically tailored diet when living with this condition. The new “Nutrition Tips for Diabetes” booklet, written by our Registered Dietitian Nutritionists, is now available. Download it for free.

If you or anyone you know is living with diabetes in New York and is too sick to shop or cook for themselves, please get in contact with client services at clientservices@glwd.org


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