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Kept Safe by Home-Delivered Meals: Stephen and Lucinda

Being diagnosed with a serious illness is always scary and presents multiple challenges which may include decreased mobility, a weakened immune system, and lower self-confidence. Clients living with multiple diagnoses have an elevated risk for COVID-19. Older clients are especially at risk. The pandemic laid bare the importance of nutritious, home-delivered meals for vulnerable populations. Many of our clients are now even more isolated, staying in their homes for fear of contracting the virus. Our drivers are the only people that these clients see all week (masked and from a safe distance, of course). Our client Lucinda came onto our program because of congestive heart failure and she later contracted the coronavirus from her home health aide. She thought she was just more tired than usual but her sister insisted that Lucinda call the paramedics. At the hospital, Lucinda learned she had COVID-19. After seven days of treatment, she was sent home. She began receiving meals from God’s Love, which helped her stay at home, safe and nourished.

"I really appreciate the food. With God’s Love you get fish, there’s no breading on it, it’s a whole side of fish! The food is so nutritious, that’s what I like about it.” - Lucinda

Our client Stephen told us that he’s “very, very concerned” about COVID-19 because he is living with lung cancer and has limited mobility. He tries to avoid going out of his apartment. “I’m in a higher risk category,” he says. “I’m 68, I try to be careful, distancing, wearing masks…I’m concerned about not only myself, but also a lot of other people.” Stephen says that receiving meals from God’s Love helps him to stay at home, where he is safest, and also helps him save money for medical expenses. While the risk of COVID-19 continues to fuel anxiety in our vulnerable clients, we will be there to deliver meals and love.

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Staying Connected with a Veteran in Queens

On June 10th,  Queens Borough President Donovon Richards joined the God’s Love We Deliver team to make a special delivery to U.S. Army Veteran and God’s Love client, Catherine. Catherine receives home-delivered Medically Tail…