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Lashelle and Nya Celebrate A Special Mother’s Day

This mother’s day, our client Lashelle and her daughter Nya have a lot to celebrate. Nya just blew out the candles on a God’s Love cake for her 18th birthday, and she just got into her choice of colleges to start her degree in psychology. The future looks bright, but it hasn’t always been easy for this family of two.

“It's one of the hardest things to be sick as a parent, but it’s even harder when you’re a single parent.”

Lashelle lives with severe diabetes, hypertension, and asthma. Our medically tailored meal delivery has allowed her to focus on raising her daughter without worrying about cooking or shopping for food. Nya loves the opportunity to prepare God’s Love meals for her mother. The two developed a routine; Nya chooses dishes from the wide variety of meals offered, defrosts them, adds some seasoning and brings them to her mother. It’s empowering to actively participate in caretaking for her mother, and it has fostered a lifelong passion for taking care of others.

Next year, when Nya heads off to school to study psychology, she does so inspired by her mother’s life experience. She wrote her college essay about how her mother’s health journey drove her to pursue a life path that will allow her to help others.

Lashelle has spoken extensively with our nutritionists, as her diet needed to change a few times over the course of her treatment. She says that she never thought she’d work with a nutritionist for months on end, but the God’s Love nutritionists really listen to their clients.

“They make you feel comfortable. You don’t feel ashamed. [The God’s Love nutritionists are] very open, loving and supportive.”

Lashelle is so grateful to everyone who works at, volunteers with, and supports God’s Love. She especially wants to thank the chefs and drivers. She says in every bite and every encounter, you can feel the love that goes into the entire operation. Lashelle refers anyone she knows in her community who is living with serious illness to God’s Love because she knows what a difference it can make. “I want more people to talk about it, not to hold it for themselves, because it’s such a wonderful service.”

We’re wishing this wonderful mother and daughter a fabulous Mother’s Day and congratulations on this next chapter.

6.18.24 / Clients

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