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Medically Tailored Meals Help Keeton Return to Art

Our client Keeton is 34, but as he says “if you looked at me you’d think I was 22!” He was born in New York City, but he’s lived all over the United States. He’s been an avid artist since he was young, involved in the street art scene in New York, Florida and San Francisco. However, his art career halted when he had a stroke a couple of years ago.

After his stroke, Keeton had to move away from his beloved San Francisco back to New York in order to be near his mother and to receive the best possible healthcare. He was paralyzed from his eyebrows to his toes and extremely weak.

While he came to New York to receive rehab, once he started living on his own, Keeton struggled to feed himself. One of the social workers from his residence suggested that he get in touch with God’s Love. Once he started receiving meals, his efforts at rehab became much more successful, he even regained enough control to start doing line drawing again. “I would definitely say God’s Love meals have helped with the process of healing and of letting me to do my art.”

These days, Keeton says that he’s feeling “tall.” He receives weekly deliveries of medically tailored meals that allow him to maintain his strength and tolerate his medications. “I love the mixture of everything, I love my vegetables, I love my meats, I love my fish.”

To all of the volunteers, staff and donors of God’s Love, Keeton says “you guys are all great, all of you, keep it going; lots of people need help like this. Thank you very much.”

We’re honored to be a part of Keeton’s recovery and continued artistic career!

Please reach out to us if someone you know is living with a life-altering illness and cannot shop or cook for themselves. We can help.

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