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Michael Kors + Saks + God’s Love – Fashion Show & Sales Event

While most New Yorkers are just settling into the scorching summer heat, the fashion world is already looking forward to fall 2022!

We are so grateful to our friends at Saks Fifth Avenue for supporting God’s Love through volunteerism, donations, and sales events. Earlier this week, guests were invited to Saks for an exclusive fashion show to preview the Michael Kors Fall Collection. Attendees were given gift bags filled with pamphlets about God’s Love and a shopping code that directed 10% of sales toward nourishing our clients living with illness. In President & CEO Karen Pearl’s remarks, she spoke about our historic partnership with Michael Kors and emphasized how important they have been in our capacity to feed more New Yorkers. One of their greatest contributions has been the lead gift of our headquarters, the Michael Kors Building.

Michael Kors took the floor with remarks about his commitment to God’s Love during the early days of the HIV/AIDS pandemic and showed gratitude to Saks for their partnership over the years. He then introduced his Fall Collection, describing each item and explaining the intention behind the design.

Another big thank you to Development Committee member; James Palazza, Richard Drake, and the entire team at Saks Fifth Avenue for hosting this special event. We are infinitely grateful to Michael Kors for attending and providing an intimate experience for philanthropic fashion lovers. Thank you to leadership team members, Melba Wilson, Jens Audenaert, Bill Ribbecke, and Patricia Suh for attending. We were honored to be surrounded by Dena and Sam Lombardo, Teri Johnson, Seena Katz, and so many more generous supporters!