Client Tyler smiles holding a bag of his medically tailored meals from God's Love We Deliver.

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More Than a Meal: From Neighbor to Client and the Power of a Shared Dinner

“You don’t give fake food to eat on set, you create an opportunity for people to eat real food.” 

Tyler, 62, a client of God’s Love We Deliver since August 2016, enjoyed a fruitful career as a property master in the film and television industry. He worked on big budget movies with celebrities and small films alike, even “My Blueberry Nights” starring Jude Law and episodes of “Law & Order,” enjoying the ability to create a world for actors to play in, often even designing, sourcing, and supplying food for props. “Sometimes the food looked good but didn’t taste good,” Tyler said with a grin. 

After a nontraumatic intracerebral hemorrhage affected his balance and mobility, forcing Tyler to retire, he was left with a new problem to solve: how to provide food for himself. 

Tyler’s neurological condition has resulted in the inability to safely cook for himself, leaving him with complete numbness on right side and unable to distinguish between hot and cold temperatures. “Cooking became dangerous to me so I had to find other alternatives for food, but ordering is expensive, and probably not as healthy.” 

Tyler first learned of God’s Love We Deliver over a Thanksgiving companion meal shared by his neighbor who was already a client on our services. “Once I tasted that fresh food, I knew I should sign up too,” he said. “It was the best meal I had eaten in months, and probably the most food I’ve had in my stomach too.” 

“I also wouldn’t have survived the pandemic without God’s Love We Deliver,” Tyler continued. “I don’t know how I would’ve been able to eat because everything around me was closed. A lot of people don’t realize how hard it was to get food when you couldn’t cook, during a pandemic or not,” he said. 

Delivery driver Shaun brings Tyler his meals once a week. “I’m happy I’m able to have God’s Love as a resource and knowing I’ll always be fed. I’m grateful to now receive the opportunity to always eat nice meals.” 

“The food from God’s Love isn’t like a movie set prop,” Tyler said. “It looks good, but it actually tastes good too.” 

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