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Providing Comfort and Care to Khalia During a Difficult Year

Born in Virginia, Khalia was diagnosed with arthrogryposis as a child and relocated to New York City for medical treatments. Arthrogryposis is a rare joint and muscle disorder that affects Khalia’s mobility. Through physical therapy and treatments, Khalia was able to manage her diagnosis and thrive. When Khalia had her son, Brandon, her body changed, and her mobility was dramatically impacted. She began experiencing chronic pain and started to ambulate on crutches and by using a wheelchair scooter. When her care manager learned that she was having trouble standing for prolong periods of time to cook, she suggested God’s Love.

“At first, I was hesitant because I don’t eat pork or red meat, but my care manager let me know that God’s Love can tailor the meals to what I like and what I need. When I receive my meals, they have the label that says, ‘vegetarian-friendly’. It just gives me so many healthy options.” -Khalia

Although the past year has been difficult for Khalia and her family, God’s Love has been there to support them through the pandemic. When Khalia and Brandon tested positive for COVID-19 last October, Khalia became very ill for several weeks. Khalia credits God’s Love for keeping her nourished through quarantine and for bringing the spirit of celebration back into her birthday. While Khalia had to spend her birthday at home, her special delivery from God’s Love provided a much-needed moment of joy. In her own words:

“When I received my birthday cake from God’s Love it really made my day. It just made me feel like I mattered…like someone was thinking of me. I was just amazed at how personalized and special you made my birthday.” -Khalia

For anyone who is hesitant to sign up for meals from God’s Love, Khalia has some words of encouragement:

“You don’t have anything to prove. Sometimes as a single parent, or a New Yorker with a disability, we always feel like we have to prove to everyone that we can do it. The reality is, everyone needs help sometimes. Reaching out doesn’t make you less of a parent or less of a New Yorker. Your health and safety are the most important things in the world.” -Khalia

To take our eligibility screener and sign up for our meal program, please visit the Get Meals section of our website. To sponsor a birthday cake for a client like Khalia, visit our Birthday Bake Sale donation page.

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