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Raining Positivity and Optimism with A Grandpa Joe Day at God’s Love We Deliver

God’s Love hosted a very special Young Hearts book signing event on June 24, featuring our long-time supporter and friend, Bill Shea. Bill recently authored and illustrated his first children’s book, “A Grandpa Joe Day!” which tells the story of a young boy and his grandfather visiting an amusement park. According to Bill, Grandpa Joe days are always filled with life, love, and sunshine.

Bill engaged the audience by interacting with both our child and adult guests as he acted out “A Grandpa Joe Day!” with animation and humor. He even had props and invited audience participation! Bill also played a video which further brought to life the story of Grandpa Joe, which is a story of the positivity and love that Bill experienced first-hand as a child with his own grandfather.

The ambience in the room played to the amusement park theme. Guests were treated to fresh salty popcorn served in bags from a carnival themed popcorn machine to warm pretzels with fun dips. Guests could also create their own magically fizzy mocktails with a myriad of fruity additions like strawberries and mandarins.

Illustrations from the book, all hand drawn by Bill, were framed and placed around the room to further bring the book to life. Balloon bouquets also contributed to the festivity. Finally, the attendees themselves were the “cherry on top,” filling the room with great energy and enthusiasm around the book.

To close out the evening, Bill sat for a dynamic and thoughtful interview by one of our Young Hearts ambassadors, Anya Jamieson. The two were very funny and played off of each other well. Anya came with questions in tow and incorporated a game of “Would You Rather” that was truly entertaining. Bill made our young interviewer laugh as he chimed in with his own “Would You Rather” question which was exactly what she planned to ask him next. Bill then took questions from the audience and signed copies of the book. Guests left with a book and freshly baked sprinkle cookies and brownies.

The event brought awareness to God’s Love and an organic introduction to the work we do. Thank you to Bill and to everyone who came out to make our very own “Grandpa Joe Day!”

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