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Richard lost his boyfriend to AIDS. He now volunteers every week in his honor.

In our series “God’s Love Stories of Pride” we tell the stories of our donors, volunteers, and clients post-Stonewall. Hear from Richard Fung, our longtime volunteer, about what brought him to God’s Love, and why he stays.

“I first started volunteering 20 years ago when my late boyfriend had AIDS. He was lucky because I liked to cook and I took care of him. But I had 3 friends who were dying from AIDS and they were really starving. So I remember coming here and working in our basement kitchen, until my friends were too sick and I couldn’t volunteer any more.

I am in the generation that witnessed the beginning of AIDS. With my friends in the early 80s I’d see them and ask “What is this little spot?” and it was Kaposi Sarcoma. At that time we had no idea what that meant. And then they died. I mean, they were just dropping like flies. Fortunately, many of my friends had partners, but for those who didn’t have a partner, they were literally dying alone and hungry. And that’s why God’s Love We Deliver is so vital to the gay community. But to all of us – they filled such an important need at such a critical time for people, and they still do.

I’m a cancer survivor and I know what it’s like to be sick and need help. With God’s Love, I know that for someone receiving the food, I’m helping them. This might be the last meal that someone on the program eats, and I’m honored I get to help them and get to be a part of it.

There’s nothing like volunteering at God’s Love. When it’s my volunteer day, I feel fabulous. I’m so inspired.

Every time I’m here, I think about everyone we lost. I volunteer in honor of them. But I also think about all the people we are helping today, and I work for them. I want them to know how much we care.”