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Serving Robert on Veterans Day and All Year Round

Client Robert, a veteran, standing at his door holding a bag of meals“The food is so good!” says our client Robert who served in the Navy as a mechanic on a ship in Northern Virginia. It is an honor to serve medically tailored meals to 348 Veterans who are on our program! Thank you for your service, Robert.

About four years ago, Robert developed blood clots in his legs. He moved up north for treatment and to be closer to his sister. His doctors put a stint in his leg to address his peripheral vascular disease, which kept him walking, but while he was recovering from the surgery he developed gangrene. “I almost lost my toes,” Robert says. He could not walk for six months. A social worker at the VA introduced Robert to God’s Love. Before he was receiving our meals, he was having trouble getting groceries, let alone cooking them. This led to malnourishment, but until this social worker told him about God’s Love, he says “I never knew if I was qualified for anything.”

Robert’s health has improved dramatically since he began receiving our meals. He speaks regularly with our RDNs to ensure that he continues to receive the correct nutrition.

For the past four years, Robert has looked forward to the twice weekly visit from our drivers. “It’s good to have somebody to talk to once in a while. My driver’s a great guy, we say hello, talk about the Yankees and what not, I’ve really come to like him.”

“It’s good to have somebody to talk to once in a while. My driver’s a great guy.”

We are honored to serve medically tailored meals to our clients who have served our country in the military. This year, we provided 102,810 meals to 348 Veterans on our program. Our meals deliver evidence-based nutrition to our clients who are living with serious illness. These meals improve their health outcomes and decrease medical costs. Furthermore, since loneliness is prevalent among Veterans, particularly older veterans, we know that the weekly contact with our drivers reminds our former service members that we are grateful to them.

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