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Still Breathing: Meals from God’s Love Helps Carole Get Stronger

“I’m a mess but I’m still breathing.”  

Every morning, Carole (85) takes 21 pills to help with her medicine adherence, insulin four times a day, intermittent oxygen and nebulizers, and eats meals from God’s Love. With multiple organ failures in the past few years, Carole lives with heart disease, chronic kidney disease stage 4, COPD, and Type 2 diabetes. She sees six specialists on a rotation every three weeks. 

“It was life and death for a while.” 

A native from the Bronx, graduate of St. Angela Merici Catholic School, and single parent since the age of 42, Carole attended nursing school, all while caring for nine children of her own. “You do what you have to do,” she said. Carole spent time in Wisconsin, and now has ten grandchildren, one of whom lives next door. An avid crafter, Carole used to knit and teach jewelry making classes at a senior center. Her volunteerism at the senior center stopped when she became too ill to conduct classes. 

Carole has lived with severe diabetes for years, but her health rapidly declined last summer. One afternoon, Carole stopped short just going about her day  – she could not breathe. She called 911 and was transported to the hospital where she received six liters of oxygen. Her doctors explained that she had experienced heart failure, precipitated by her diabetes, and that she would need immediate help. 

During her stay at the hospital, Carole read about God’s Love We Deliver on Facebook, prompting her to inquire with her doctor about the services. Carole left the hospital in August and began receiving our home-delivered meals immediately upon returning home. She left the hospital much weaker than when she was admitted, but God’s Love has helped her feel stronger ever since.  

“With meals so easy to prepare, I don’t have a problem,” she said. She is especially fond of the soups. 

Although her children visit twice a week, the services from God’s Love enable Carole to keep her independence and live at home without a home health aide. Her meals—sans beef, sugar, or salt — are delivered on Mondays by delivery driver Ed.  

“He’s wonderful. He smiles. I’ll answer the phone when he calls and I’ll say, ‘I’ll be there soon’ because it takes me awhile to get out of the chair and he says ‘don’t worry!’”

On her birthday, Carole asked her friends to give to God’s Love instead of gifts to her, raising $450 on her behalf.  

“I’m so happy that I was able to become a client,” she said. “The people have been so polite and so sweet. The birthday cake… I was so impressed. It took me six days to eat it, but I’m so glad I had it.”

“I’m very grateful for all of your hard work,” Carole said. “I’m grateful for everything you do and it’s perfect for what I need at the time. I’m hopeful to get well enough to someday not need God’s Love.”  

Hear from Carole

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