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Zeke and the Piggy Bank

When Zeke and his mom Cammie received their government stimulus check in the mail this summer, they knew that there were hundreds of New York City organizations who could use those funds to help care for those in need. Zeke, who is 10 years old, said, “We’re so lucky. We got money that we didn’t need, because my mom has a job. She doesn’t need to go outside, so she doesn’t get COVID-19.” Together, Zeke and Cammie sat down and talked about how they could put the funds to good use. They came up with a list of worthy causes. Here at God’s Love, we were honored to be featured on their list. Zeke wrote out their donation to God’s Love himself!

Zeke and Cammie watch the God’s Love We Deliver truck park outside of their window every day. They’re pretty sure that one of our clients lives in their building. When Zeke looks at the truck, he imagines the people that are receiving meals: “They’re probably helping people with COVID-19, maybe they can’t pay for their food or their electricity bill.”

As a thank you, Zeke received one of our God’s Love We Deliver piggy banks in the mail. While he is a bit nervous about breaking it, “I’m scared of dropping it, because there will be shards,” he still finds ways to enjoy it. He keeps it on the shelf and says that he likes to look at it a lot.

While Zeke recognizes that he’s not old enough to volunteer in the kitchen yet, he is excited to volunteer when he gets a bit older. When he’s grown up and becomes a successful architect, he intends to give away a lot of money, “because that’s the right thing to do.”

Cammie said that Zeke was particularly excited about the donation to God’s Love We Deliver. He wanted to put the check in the mail himself. When asked what sticks out to him about God’s Love, he says, “I really like the name. I trust you guys.” Thank you so much for your support Zeke and Cammie!

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