Our community has rallied behind our #WhoAreYouCookingFor campaign and the media has been covering it.

Thank you to all of our friends for participating in #WhoAreYouCookingFor and for helping us cook and home-deliver medically tailored meals to our clients during these challenging times.  For more information on the campaign click here.




Mindy Kaling shared a link for #whoareyoucookingfor on twitter and instagram stories.


Gigi Hadid made a tart tatin and shared it in her instagram stories to raise funds and awareness for God's Love We Deliver as part of the #WhoAreYouCookingFor campaign.

Business Insider Singapore

Gigi Hadid posts a video of preparing tart tatin for the #WhoAreYouCookingFor campaign, and shares a quote about her commitment to God's Love We Deliver during the coronavirus pandemic.


Canoe covered Gwyneth Paltrow's cooking lesson on paella to benefit God's Love as a part of the #whoareyoucookingfor campaign.

Page Six

Page six covers Blaine Trump's support for God's Love We Deliver through her #WhoAreYouCookingFor post on instagram .


Castanet reported that Gwyneth Paltrow treated her Instagram followers to an impromptu cooking lesson on Monday as she appealed for donations to support God's Love We Deliver.