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What’s in store for the Food is Medicine Coalition Symposium

This week we are proud to convene the 9th Annual Food is Medicine Coalition Symposium in Washington, D.C. The Symposium will be attended by our peer organizations of the Food Is Medicine Coalition (FIMC), an association of nonprofit, medically tailored food and nutrition services (FNS) providers from across the country. At the three-day symposium we will advocate for access to medically tailored meals (MTM), a low-cost, high-impact solution for sick and low-income Americans.

Participants will also discuss best practices in medically tailored nutrition, research in the field and healthcare innovations projects from across the country. Senior leadership from FIMC agencies, including God’s Love, along with Project Open Hand (CA), Community Servings (MA), Project Angel Heart (CO), Food & Friends (DC), MANNA (PA), Moveable Feast (MD), Project Angel Food (CA), Mama’s Kitchen (CA), Open Hand Atlanta (GA), Open Arms (MN) and many more, will meet with legislators about increased federal support for FNS-focused solutions and continued funding for essential cornerstones of public health like Medicaid. Presenters at the Symposium include: The Center for Health Law and Policy Innovation at Harvard Law School, Nonprofit Finance Fund, AIDS United, Kaiser Permanente, Unite Us and more.

Food insecurity and chronic illness afflict more than 100 million Americans. The Food is Medicine Coalition speaks for the growing body of scientific research that shows chronically ill patients who receive FNS-based care experience better health outcomes. These studies have also found medically tailored meals are an inexpensive solution that significantly reduces healthcare costs for the sickest among us.

Saving one night in the hospital can feed an ill individual medically tailored meals for six months.

The FIMC National Symposium will underscore the power of this common sense, non-pharma-based treatment.

Make sure to follow the Symposium on Twitter using #FIMCSymposium19 or @FIMCoalition. Please also follow along on Instagram at @fimcoalition.

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