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Food is Medicine is Catching On, but more Still Needs to be Done

This article penned by God’s Love CEO Karen Pearl details the amazing year that Food is Medicine has had including the countless research studies, the creation of the House Hunger Caucus Bipartisan Food is Medicine Working Group, and the over 12 million meals that the Food is Medicine Coalition served this year. Despite these incredible achievements   , Pearl notes that change can only come with the incorporation of medically tailored meals (MTMs) into healthcare. Karen writes, “The most effective way to move forward and bring life-saving meals to the sickest in our communities is through federal policy change. By establishing coverage for MTMs in Medicaid and Medicare, promoting research on MTMs, and protecting investments in the Ryan White Program, which supports individuals with HIV, we can effectively change the conversation surrounding food and nutrition and their role in reducing costs and improving outcomes for our healthcare system.” To read the entire article click on the link below.

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