3.17.21 / Events

In Conversation with Simply Julia Turshen

On Monday, March 15 we gathered on Zoom for the baking event of the season: In Conversation with Simply Julia. The event celebrated Culinary Council Member, cookbook author, and dear friend of God’s Love Julia Turshen and her new cookbook Simply Julia. Folks gathered in the zoom to the sounds of Galilleo by the Indigo Girls before hearing a conversation about the healing power of food, cooked with love, between Julia Turshen and her dear friend Carla Hall. A favorite piece of advice from Carla? If you’re in a bad mood—order take out! Don’t put that energy in what you feed yourself or anyone else!

If you’re in a bad mood—order take out! Don’t put that energy in what you feed yourself or anyone else! ~ Carla Hall

After the conversation, another Culinary Council member, and dear friend of our organization, Liz Alpern, joined to moderate the chat as Julia Turshen led participants through the delicious, easy, and fortifying recipe for Sled Dog Muffins. These muffins, sweetened with bananas and jam, powered Julia’s first participation in the Race to Deliver, and her story of training for the race and finding a love of running inspired a new race team (stay tuned for more details).

This autumn, Liz Alpern will be gathering a team of Race to Deliver participants, and Julia has promised to make these famous muffins for anyone who signs up! Stay tuned for the link to join the team. If you’re interested in seeing what Liz is up to before then, she is also launching a really amazing online course this April on the iconic foods of the Lower East Side. Check it out!

If you missed this event, do not fret, you can buy a copy of Simply Julia and enjoy the muffins and many other delicious recipes!

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