This September, the 2019 United States Conference on AIDS focused on ending the HIV/AIDS epidemic in America. Our President & CEO, Karen Pearl, presented during a workshop called “Food is Medicine: Addressing Racial Equity and Health through Innovative Nutrition Services” with colleagues from other food and nutrition providers. Karen focused on how, through the Clinical Committee of the Food is Medicine Coalition, we developed the national nutrition standards for medically tailored meals. Thank you to Lisa Zullig, Director of Nutrition Services who co-chairs this committee!

Our standards have now been adopted by the New York City Ryan White Planning Council and the New York Department of Health as THE standards for all food and nutrition programs. Research has proven that these standards improve health outcomes, lower the cost of care, and increase patient compliance with their treatment. We’re so honored that the USCA recognized how much these standards benefit our clients living with HIV, and we’re excited to see how more lives are touched by this ground-breaking advocacy and research.

3.11.24 / Policy

Food is Medicine Mid-Year Convening

The Food is Medicine Coalition Advisory Board members, FIMC Committee Chairs and policy staff, and representatives from God’s Love We Deliver convened in Washington, D.C. to advocate for medically tailored meals (MTMs) at the…