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Nourishing Hearts and Souls: An Evening with SAGE

Last week, the God’s Love We Deliver philanthropy team had the honor of volunteering at SAGE (Advocacy & Services for LGBTQ+ Elders) as part of their SAGE Table event. SAGE Table brings together individuals of all ages at hundreds of tables across the world to share a meal and conversation. These events are not only about food & nourishment; they are about building transformative relationships that combat social isolation and its consequences.

Our team arrived at 4 pm for our volunteer orientation. As soon as we finished, we eagerly made our way to the dining room. There, we had the incredible opportunity to serve dinner to over 60 seniors. The atmosphere was wonderfully beautiful, filled with warmth and joy.

At the beginning of the dinner service, the seniors welcomed us with applause, a gesture that touched our hearts deeply. As the evening progressed, we not only served them but also shared meaningful conversations, forming connections that will last a lifetime.

At the conclusion of the dinner service, the seniors once again expressed their gratitude and invited us to join them at their table. It was a moment filled with kindness and compassion that left us with an incredible feeling of warmth and connection.

This experience was truly unforgettable, and we left with a renewed sense of purpose and gratitude. We are immensely grateful for the opportunity to be a part of SAGE Table and to make meaningful connections with such incredible individuals.

We want to extend a special thank you to Joe Norton, Manager of Volunteer and Corporate Engagement at SAGE, and the incredible Dream Team, aka Thursday night SAGE kitchen volunteers, who treated everyone with incredible kindness. Their attention to detail made this experience even more special.

Be on the lookout for future updates on opportunities where God’s Love We Deliver and SAGE unite as we continue to nourish New York together! Let’s spread love, compassion, and nutrition hand in hand.