4.23.20 / Policy

Shifting Focus: 25 Businesses and Organizations Working to Feed New York City

Last week, the NYC Food Policy Center asked us some detailed questions on how we have answered the urgent need of New Yorkers during this extraordinary time. In the article, I detail operational changes we have made to keep vulnerable New Yorkers nourished and safe.  I also discuss some key policy changes I hope we as a nation take away from this experience. Read the full article here.

2.19.21 / Policy

Accelerating Access to Medically Tailored Meals

This fall, God’s Love helped design and lead the first Food is Medicine Accelerator along with colleagues from Community Servings in Boston, the Center for Health Law and Policy Innovation of Harvard Law School, and the Nonpr…

12.9.20 / Policy

Elected Officials Volunteer on Thanksgiving

During this challenging year, we were so honored to be joined by many of our elected officials and their staff as we celebrated our largest Thanksgiving yet at God’s Love. This year was particularly special as the need for Go…