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Using Technology to Address Food Insecurity

In February, our President & CEO, Karen Pearl, presented on a panel titled “Community-Based Programs Moving the Needle on Outcomes” at the Unite Us Annual Summit. The panel showcased the innovative work that God’s Love and other community-based organizations are pioneering and then focused on challenges that must be addressed to make partnerships with healthcare successful.

Unite Us is a technology company that builds coordinated care networks that facilitate referrals from healthcare providers to community-based organizations, like God’s Love. We are very excited to be working with Unite Us and others on a project that tests a risk-based needs assessment for food and nutrition services. This project, called the Food and Nutrition Services Bundle, was born out of our discussions with clinicians and healthcare plans. There is a lot of confusion on the clinical side on what types of food and nutrition services are necessary for patients. For example, at God’s Love, we serve those who are sick and unable to shop or cook for themselves, but some patients may only need a grocery bag program or to be enrolled in SNAP benefits.

Sponsored by the OneCity Health Preferred Provider System, and in partnership with Public Health Solutions, Unite Us, BronxWorks and other nutrition services providers, we created a comprehensive food and nutrition questionnaire to determine what food supports are necessary for each patient. We were able to do this electronically and efficiently using the Unite Us platform which allowed for patients to use iPads and for referrals to go automatically to the necessary food and nutrition services provider.

The project has started and we expect final results this fall. God’s Love We Deliver has always been committed to serving those who are sick and vulnerable in our community, and we are excited to continue this mission by partnering with other food and nutrition service providers, technology companies, and hospitals in order to reach all the people who need us.

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Food is Medicine Mid-Year Convening

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