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We’re Headed to the Food is Medicine Coalition National Symposium

The God’s Love We Deliver Policy Team is so excited to convene the Food Is Medicine Coalition National Symposium next week, September 24-26, in Washington, DC!

What is The Food Is Medicine Coalition? God’s Love leads FIMC, which is our national volunteer association of our peer medically tailored meal agencies across the country convened to provide an evidence-based, medical food and nutrition intervention to our ill clients, to focus on best practices, advance public policy, and to promote research on medically tailored meals and their potential to impact the healthcare system in a positive way.

Across the country, medically tailored meal providers are partnering with healthcare to reduce costs and improve health outcomes, as well as engaging in research that confirms these results. Each year, with the generous support of the MAC AIDS Fund, God’s Love convenes a National Symposium in Washington, DC to share about these projects and to advocate on the Hill for increased funding, since most of our agencies are supported largely by philanthropy and we could reach so many more people with increased support.

So if Food Is Medicine matters to you – follow God’s Love and the Food Is Medicine Coalition on Twitter and see what the future of healthcare can look like!

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