Craft Love with Cards of Caring for our Clients

A photo of client, Khalia, holding a birthday card in her hand.

Our client Khalia with her birthday card

We believe what makes God’s Love so special are the personal touches we add to every meal.

This includes a personalized cake for each client on their birthday, a traditional turkey feast on Thanksgiving, and a holiday meal in December. We include a crafted card made with love to accompany these birthday cakes or holiday meals, or to be delivered on other special days like Valentine’s Day. We need your help to send extra love to our clients!

Please mail completed cards to:
God’s Love We Deliver c/o The Volunteer Department
166 Avenue of the Americas New York, NY 10013

We can’t thank you enough for participating in this project. We are so excited to see what you create! Please email us at with any questions or concerns.

Need More Information?

View our FAQs and other helpful information on our Volunteer FAQs & Resources page.

Or feel free to contact our Volunteer Office via email at or telephone at 212.294.8158.